Keeping track - with our PMS Treasury Management System Solutions

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In view of the increasing requirements on process efficiency and transparency, an operative treasury management system is standard in financial institutions, insurance companies and corporations with qualitative and quantitative demands on themselves today.

New solutions - getting ready for the future

Our comprehensive and interdisciplinary PMS Treasury Management System Solutions offer a treasury management system tailored to your company that will also meet the future requirements of regulators and auditors. Many decisions are made in favour of PMS, especially when the vital factors such as flexibility, valuation strength, analytics, risk management or current regulatory requirements must be considered.

PMS treasury management system solutions are characterised for instance by a highly sophisticated instrument coverage (structured products, syndicated credits with embedded options, commodities, all types of derivatives, structures etc.), risk management (FX, interest, liquidity, default, spreads, commodities, inflation etc.), modelling of hedging relationships including hedge effectiveness measurement (IAS 39 or IFRS 9) and hedge accounting in the context of IAS/IFRS or BilMoG, to name just a few examples.

Treasury results and margins are computed from the treasury activities in comparison to the market. The system additionally compares the results and margins with the management's target figures (benchmarking) and creates refinancing proposals if desired. PMS measures P&L as well as the investment performance as detailed as possible on the one hand and condensed on high aggregation levels on the other hand.

A varaince analysis preceding the implementation of your treasury management system, the drived specifications of requirements on the software solution and the selection of the necessary functionalities allow you to automatically rund your operational business and to gain a comprehensive overview ot the financial situation in your corporation. Another advantage is the optimisation of the processes concerning risk management, risk controlling, limit management, performance measurement, reporting, cash management, financial planning etc.