Keeping you in the picture

Integrated reporting will play a major role in the future. It merges the results from various report topics and combines non-finance-related information with financial key figures. PMS Reporting Management offers standardised reporting tailored to meet customer needs already today – as an in-house installation or in the shape of outsourcing services.


Making informed decisions

PMS Reporting Management offers internal and external reporting to meet the requirements of customers, supervisory authorities or investors etc. This functionality is based on the results of various comprehensive PMS analyses as well as an extensive data management in PMS.

We can set up tailored reporting for a specific customer or - on request - for specific portfolios or users. PMS uses highly flexible report generators for this purpose based on the integrated relational PMS data model, in many cases SAP Crystal Reports. We offer OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) Reporting as well.

Reports are generated manually via graphical user interface (GUI) or by means of automatic batch runs, and they can be provided via directories, FTP, web, email or printer. The most common form of ad hoc reporting is to export the results to Microsoft Excel.

In short: Our range of PMS reporting management includes various types of reports - from overview reports to in-depth reports. Standardised reports and also customer-specific reports (on request) provide you with all of the information that is generated in PMS in an appealing, clearly structured layout.