A perfect match – modular solutions by much-net AG

The PMS (Portfolio and Risk Management System) financial software of much-net AG is well proved in practice, comprises a variety of modules, complies with auditing standards and can be bailored to each customer's needs.


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Your individual solution pack

You can choose from our range of PMS modules and single functionalities to create your own cost-optimised solution pack that is tailored to your market activities and specific needs. Our highly experienced staff has gained its extensive know-how over several decades and is ready to support you in this evaluation process.

The system's scopes of application rage from front and middle to back office. The PMS modules and our services are interconnected and form an integrated and cost-optimised overall solution.


Your independent platform

PMS is independent with regard to its platform; this means it does not target any specific operating or database system producers, and it operates on an integrated relational database.

Based on this "foundation", a wide range of representable financial instruments and permanently integrated valuation models are implemented in this software to provide you with an overall solution basis. much-net is one of the leading software and service providers for the valuation of financial instruments in Europe.


Your extensive communication

A variety of unidirectional and bidirectional interfaces with data providers and complementary software systems top off PMS's scopes of applications and offer a development potential for the future.

PMS does not only form the basis for the in-house installations that much-net has been offering for several decades but also for the outsourcing services provided by much-net as Service as a Software (Saas) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

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