Rest easy with our outsourcing services

In cooperation with one of the leading hosting solution providers in Germany, much-net offers two models of ISAE 3402-certified services based on a professional and ISO 27001-certified tier 3 data centre:


BPO - Business Process Outsourcing

Full outsourcing ("Business Process Outsourcing“ (BPO)) involves the contracting of entire business processes and the system solution they are based on, the submission of the customer's positions and any position changes to much-net as well as theier entral storage and automatic processing. In this process, much-net provides the report results that have been previously agreed on and prepared in a decision and recipient oriented manner. This reduces the time expenditures on part of the customer for tasks "beyond the core business" (IT, administration, internal/external reporting).

SaaS - Software as a Service

IT outsourcing ("Software as a Service“ (SaaS)), a slightly modified way of providing services, enables the customer to use a system autonomously and based on a user right concept that complies with auditing standards either via remote access or web browser. much-net takes care of the system-related and IT-technological aspects like e. g. technical administration of the servers, backups, as well as maintenance (database, PMS version management, interfaces ...) and updates of PMS. The SaaS model and the resulting economies of scale may lower the customers' costs of acquisition and operation.

You gain time, we gain a satisfied customer

It is our objective to create a win-win situation between the outsourcing party (that is you) and us, the party providing the outsourcing services. This can be accomplished by strategic actions on part of our customers so that they can focus on their core competences without affecting one's own operational and human resources. In the end, the win-win situation cannot be just measured financially, outsourcing services also gives you a competitive advantage owing to a short time-to-market. We apply our own system solutions to create significant synergy effects.