Keeping an ear to the market

much-net AG is a member of various associations, which allows us to obtain first-hand, up-to-date and comprehensive information about present regulatory developments and changes in the finance industry - especially to the benefit of the PMS users. These memberships facilitate international networking and inputs for the professional interest representation bodies.

ALFI (Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industries)

ALFI (Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industries) was founded in 1988 and presently represents hundreds of investment funds located in Luxembourg.

The members of the assocation may include investment funds and investment companies as well as fund service rpoviders, custodian banks, law firms, financial auditors etc.

The Fund Association's activities aim at positioning Luxembourg as an attractive international centre for investment funds based on the well-known principle „Better regulation. Clearer information. More protection“.

The association's website provides information on regulatory topics, publications and statistics pertaining to the Luxembourgian and European fund market.

In addition to the two major Luxembourgian events ALFI Spring Conference and ALFI Global Distribution Conference (formerly known as ALFI & NICSA Conference), ALFI reinoforces its global presence by organising roadshows on different topics for example and also offers more events such as the so-called "Breakfast Seminars".

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ALRiM (Association Luxembourgeoise de Risk Management)

has been dedicated to the risk management development in Luxembourg and worldwide since it was founded on 1 July 1997 under the name of "PRiM". ALRiM is a non-profit organisation of professionals with a high commitment to risk management.

With the support of its members and its supervisory board, ALRiM is able to meet its objective (i.e. the risk management development) through a variety of activities including the following:

  • Release of the ALRiM Risk Newsletter on the topics „Risk“ and „Risk Management“ four times a year
  • Training courses on risk management in cooperation with the Luxembourg Institute for Training in Banking (IFBL)
  • Assistance for candidates that prepare for the „Financial Risk Manager“ (FRM) exam offered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP)
  • Conferences addressing risk management topics
  • Collaborations with outer asociations in Luxembourg (e. g. ALFI, ABBL, ALCO) in the organisation of conferences, in research and the publication of the research findings relating to risk management topics
  • Expert groups discussing up-to-date risk management topics
  • We organise working groups to provide our expert knowledge and our consultancy services relating to various authorities
  • Promoting risk management information exchange between experts from different economic sectors
  • We share our risk management experence in Luxembourg with the evolving financial markets
  • Risk Management training for microfinance institutions (in cooperation with ATTF und ADA)

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BAI (Bundesverband Alternative Investments e. V.)

The BAI (Bundesverband Alternative Investments e. V. = Federal Association of Alternative Investments) was founded on 4 July 1997 in Bonn by notable market participants and presently comprises around 120 persons and companies including much-net AG.

The BAI's artiles of association explilcitly state the aim of strongly promoting the interest of persons and companies working in the field of professional alternative investments. The association works closely with political decision-making organs and major financial institutions such as BaFin (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht = German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) to represent the interests of its members in a constructive dialogue.

Apart from the basic association tasks, the BAI releases not only publications and circulars but also the quarterly „BAI-Newsletter“ to keep its members up-to-date concerning the latest developments in alternative investments.

Each autumn (September/October), the BAI organises the "Alternative Investments Forum" in ccoperation with the Deutsche Börse and Eurex as well as other events and working groups such as the periodic events "BAI Alternative Investment Insight" and "BAI Alternative Investor Conference" (AIC) to bring together investors and providers of the alternative investment business.

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European Finance Forum (EFF)

The European Finance Forum (EFF) that has been working closely with the Düsseldorfer Finanz Forum for a long time, was founded as a non-profit association in Frankfurt/Main in 1989 and hosts conferences and meetings in Amsterdam, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Luxemburg, München, Stuttgart and Vienna in regular intervals, which subseqently offer excellent networking opportunities

The Eff offers executive managers of the financial services industry or corporate finance a network and a professional platform to exchange information and to address the latest issues pertaining to international finance management.

much-net has beemn actively participating in various events at various locations for many years, acting as sponsor and holding presentations on up-to-date financial topics.

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