Always a step ahead

PMS evaluates thousands of financial instruments and derivatives using more than 50 models customary in the market and calculates hundreds of key figures.

out by an unrivalled broad range of key figures and financial instruments from various instrument classes. From capturing and modelling the financial instruments in the system through several pricing and valuation aspects to a variety of corresponding functionalities - PMS meets ll requirements on moden valuation possibilities.

PMS currently offers dozens of models and methods for the valuation of the financial instruments like for example Hull White One- and Two-Factor Model, Hybrid Hull White Model, Multi Factor Monte Carlo, Libor Market Model, SABR, Heston Model, One-Factor and Two-Factor Bachelier Model, Finite Difference, Extended Vasicek and many more...

The list of financial instruments, key figures as well as models and methodes supported in PMS will be updated on an ongoing basis so that we can provide you with an optimum and market-compliant valuation platform at all times and reinforce our outstanding position in this market segment.

We provide suitable valuations also in the shapes of services based on PMS.

Our valuation offer is completed by a DGSV-recognised expert for financial instrument valuations, which allows much-net, an independent valuation services provider, to provide expertise in writing when needed.