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Compliance or conformity with laws, regulations, guidelines, standards etc. (necessary but not always popular) poses a constantly changing challenge on the financial industry.

PMS offers basic functionalities in a base system plus special compliance modules that cover the required compliance aspects in order to comply with laws, standards, norms etc set down by legislative bodies, intertrade and other orgnisations in an international environment.

Meet all challenges with us

PMS offers professional modules that address general technological as well as administrational compliance topics such as password management, user right system, change reports, four eyes principle, historicisation or data encryption, and meet various requirements including fund compliance (UCITS, AIFMD, KAGB, InvFG, InvMaRisk etc.), derivatives ordinances in different countries such as Luxembourg, Germany, Austria in addition to modules for MiFID/MiFIR, Basel III (LCR, NSFR, EMIR SFTR, CVA, IRC, Stressed VaR, Expected Shortfall etc.). MaRisk, GroMiKV or LiqV with a relevance for the bank industry, PRIIPs KID, Solvency II (SCR) as well as VAG/AnlV/Solvency for insurance companies, Initial Margin customary to market methods, ESG Rating.

Industry-wide standards such as GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standard)that calculates and presents investment performance results as well as methods stipulated by the BVI to measure fund liquidity for instance, complete our offer of compliance-related functions.

PMS meets overall EMIR requirements, specifically trade repository reporting.

The general limit system in PMS and specific regulatory limit modules can be used for example to define, check, monitor, track internal, contractual and regulatory limits on all levels including pre trade check (PTC).

Investment industry standards such as GIPS (Global Investmet Performance Standard) for the measurement and presentation of performance results round off our range of compliance-related products.